Recording Lectures using the Classroom PTZ Camera & Mics

Almost all classrooms at BU have a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera installed in the ceiling which faces the instructor and the front of the classroom from the student’s perspective. The rooms also have hanging microphones which are designed to clearly capture the voice of the professor and students when they participate. Together, these cameras and microphones are a big step up from a standard webcam. Faculty are encouraged to use these when recording their lectures and when connecting with remote guest speakers.

In classrooms maintained by the COM Techops department there are MacOS instructor computers. In most other classrooms there are Windows computers. The instructions are the same for both platforms.

Tip: Some faculty might find it preferable to record their lectures on the computer in the classroom but teach and present material to the class with their own laptop. Just remember to also share slides and video with students via BlackBoard so they can see these items in the highest quality.

Instructions for using a Laptop:

Instructions for using the Desktop Computer in the Classroom:


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