Christopher B. Daly

Professor, Journalism

About Christopher B. Daly

Daly is a journalist, author, and historian. After 10 years at the AP and nearly 10 more at the Washington Post, he has been teaching at BU since 1997. He teaches required courses for undergrads in reporting and in the history of journalism. He also teaches upper-level electives in history, literature, and politics.

Daly is a co-author of

  • “Like A Family” (UNC, 1987), winner of the Beveridge Prize
  • “Covering America” (UMass 2012), PROSE Award
  • “The Journalist’s Companion” (Routledge, 2018)He is writing a new book, “The Democratic Art,” about the role of journalism in the rise of American culture.

This I believe: The mission of journalists is to seek the truth and tell it. By taking an honest, empirical approach to the world around them, journalists serve the public by providing reliable information needed for self-government. No people can be truly free without a free press.

What type of students should take your classes? I welcome all students, especially those who are intellectually curious and ready to challenge their own assumptions — and mine.


  • MA, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, History, highest honors
  • BA, Harvard University, 1976, History & Literature, magna cum laude