Summer Program Registration and Payment

Full payment is required two weeks after acceptance into the program. If you need to work out a payment plan, a non-refundable $700 deposit (credited toward tuition) is required one week after acceptance to secure a student’s place in the workshop with full payment due no later than two months from date of acceptance. No refunds will be offered after March 1, 2017. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Summer Program Pricing
Expense High School Workshop
Tuition $2500
Housing $476
Meal Plan (14 meals) $356
Meal Plan (19 meals) $430
Registrant (Student) Information
Program details
  1. High School Workshop
  2. Session 1Session 2Session 3
  3. 14-meal plan (2 weeks)14-meal plan (1 week)19-meal plan (2 weeks)No meal plan
  4. YesNo
  5. Check if you have worked out a payment plan with NECIR.
  6. Pay 25% of totalPay 50% of total
  7. Note: Any remaining balances must be paid in full by June 1, 2017. If a balance is not paid in full, students cannot attend the workshop, no exceptions.
Billing information
  1. Check if the registrant will be billed.