Early-bird rates expire March 31

Summer Workshop Registration Rates
Status Early Bird Regular
Profesional $1,755 $1,950
Nonprofit * $1,305 $1,450
Student ** N/A $650

* Registrants from nonprofit organizations need to provide their .org / .edu / .gov emails to register.

If you have a different type of email as a nonprofit, please email Workshop Manager Yanshu Li to verify your nonprofit status.

** Students need to provide their .edu email to register, with a photocopy of their student ID card.

We are offering a discount of 20% for groups of 5 or more from the same organization.

A laptop (Mac or PC) is required for all attendees.

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Conditions of Participation

Earning a Digital Badge

The participant who engages in all the daily required workshop required has successfully completed a session that can apply towards earning a digital badge embedded with their name, email, and achievement criteria. If an attendee is ill or otherwise cannot attend that day’s session, arrangements to complete the above requirements must be made with the approval of the Executive Director. To earn a digital badge at your registered level, participants must successfully complete all daily activities as well as present your individual or group project in the final session. If you cannot complete your presentation or attend the final session or both, you must make arrangements for completion approved by the Executive Director.

If, after the start of the workshop, an attendee believes the beginning or intermediate Digital Badge level does not match expectations, the attendee can move to the next more advanced level with permission from the Workshop manager. The attendee will be given credit for all successfully completed activities and criteria enumerated above in order to earn a Digital Badge for their preferred level.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

All cancellation requests must be received in writing no later than May 1, 2017. Please send an email explaining the reason for your cancellation to Workshop Manager Yanshu Li at

Your Participation

You may use the workshop materials and content only for the purposes and in the manner specified in these terms of participation. You agree to make only non-commercial uses of the workshop materials and content. You may not distribute, transmit, broadcast, publish, display or otherwise make available workshop materials or content, or use workshop materials or content for commercial purposes. You agree to use the workshop materials and content for only lawful purposes, in accordance with applicable laws and Boston University policy, and in a manner that does not infringe or violate anyone’s rights.

Participants are not permitted to videotape or otherwise record any portion of the workshops.

Materials uploaded to the interactive training platform, Blackboard, may be subject to copyright protections and other posted limitations on usage, reproduction and/or dissemination. You are responsible for honoring such copyrights and adhering to such limitations if you download the materials or content.

Acceptance of These Terms

By using the workshop materials or content, including but not limited to by viewing or posting content in Blackboard, you accept and agree to be bound by these terms of use. By using these materials and content, you also accept and agree to comply with all applicable university policies, including the conditions of use available at and policy on computing ethics available at, as well as all applicable laws, including those prohibiting copyright and trademark infringement. If these terms of participation are unacceptable to you, do not register for the workshop.

If you have any questions about these Conditions of Participation, please contact Workshop Manager Yanshu Li at or 617-353-6698.

If you agree with the Conditions of Participation, click [Submit] to complete registration.