PRLab op president Undergrad of the Year Diversity Leader

Jali Griesbach smiling portrait outside on the COM Lawn.

Illustration of Social Impact Awards. Golden hexagon with a green ribbon.

PRNEWS named Jali Griesbach (’22), PRLab’s president of operations, its national Undergraduate Student of the Year Diversity Leader for her efforts to elevate her community and promote change within her organization.

Another COM student, Isabelle Fama (’22), PRLab’s president of client service, was a finalist.

The honors are part of the publication’s “Social Impact Awards” to recognize corporate social responsibility as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Amy Shanler, associate professor of the practice of public relations and co-director/faculty adviser of PRLab, described the two students as “incredible leaders.”

“When you look at their accomplishments in such a short period of time, it is no surprise to see them honored by [PRNEWS],” Shanler said in an email statement.

In outlining their accomplishments, Shanler noted that Griesbach and Fama created a director of DEI position in PRLab. They also recruited several client organizations who contribute to their own communities or are founded and led by minorities.

“Jali was a driving force of these initiatives, recognizing that PRLab needed to invest more time and resources to prove its commitment to DEI through systemic action,” Shanler said. “Jali’s leadership represents the spirit of these awards, helping to create stronger organizations and inspire others around her to work for social justice and equality.”