COM Work Earns Top Honors at Regional Student Production Awards

national student production awards
May 1, 2024
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COM Work Earns Top Honors at Regional Student Production Awards

COM student work earned top honors in four categories at the annual Student Production Awards sponsored by the Boston/New England chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, best known for the Emmy Awards for professional work.

COM students also were recognized with five honorable mention awards in four categories: sports, newscast, video essay and arts/entertainment/cultural affairs.

Among the winners was the short film, In Omnia Paratus, commissioned by BU alum Ameera Hammouda for her fashion line.

In Omnia Paratus

“She wanted a story without dialogue or narration that took one actress or model on a journey of surprises and wonder,” said Sheila Sitomer, faculty adviser for Real World Productions, the student-led agency behind the film. “Each turn in the tale would reveal the actress in a different outfit, showcasing her clothing for modestly dressed women. The result was a beautifully crafted, multi-location film.”

Boston University winners include:

College/University-Fiction-Short Form, Winner: In Omnia Paratus, Real World Productions/Boston University (Producer: Rayhan Bhamani; Associate Producer/Writer: Zayan Farhat; Director: Anxin Chen; Director of Photography: Rich Gbessi; Editor & Associate Director of Photography: Michelle Seung, Min Lee; Faculty Adviser: Sheila Sitomer).

College/University-Commercial, Winner: Urbanity Dance, Real World Productions/Boston University (Producer: Sophia Daniluk; Associate Producer/Writer: Yixi Zhou; Director: Suha Chung; Cinematography: Bryan Yeh; Editor & Assistant Camera: Lining Bao; Faculty Adviser: Sheila Sitomer).

Urbanity Dance

College/University-Magazine Program, Winner: Our Times, Special Episode: The Arts, Boston University (Zoe Zekos, Producer, Director, Videographer, Editor).

Our Times, Special Episode: The Arts

College/University-Sports Program, Winner: BUTV’s Terrier Nation Spring Sports Update, Boston University (Producers: Hui-En Lin and Jowei Lin; Director: Lex Garguilo; Analysts: Allison Dewitt, Monet Ota, Belle Fraser, James Ninneman, Mason Jablonsky, Jessica Lam, Kyle Finn, Bobby Serafin, Tyler Davis; BUTV Station Manager and Faculty Advisor: Adam Boyajy; BUTV Faculty Advisor: Tina McDuffie. Honorable Mention: Offsides NHL Trade Deadline Special (Live Broadcast) Boston University.

BUTV’s Terrier Nation Spring Sports Update

College/University-Newscast: Honorable Mention: Good Morning BU, Broadcast November 10, 2023, Boston University.

Good Morning BU

College/University-Video Essay, Honorable Mention: Beauty and the Bats, Boston University (Emma Hagert, Filmmaker).

College/University-Arts/Entertainment/Cultural Affairs, Honorable Mention: The Not-So-Murderous Mystery, Boston University (Emma Hagert, Filmmaker); Man on the Street, Boston University (Casey Choung, Producer).

Recipients will celebrate their awards at the 47th Boston/New England Emmy Awards Gala on June 8. Read the full list of award recipients here.