Julia awarded First Prize and Xinmiao awarded Honorable Mention in GRS 2016

Five posters of our lab were presented during the Graduate Research Symposium at BU. Topics cover from health care, sensor networks, multi-agent coverage control, traffic control, to persistent monitoring with applications in smart cities.

Congratulations to Julia winning CISE First Prize and Xinmiao winning Honorable Mention.

CISE 1st prize

Julia Lima-Fleck:
“A Mixed Integer Linear Program (MILP) Approach for Integrating Mutation and Gene Expression Cross-Sectional Data to Infer Cancer Progression”
Advisor: Christos G. Cassandras

Honorable  mentions

Xinmiao Sun:
“Optimal Dynamic Formation Control of Multi-Agent Systems in Environments with Obstacles”
Advisor: Christos G. Cassandras

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