About the Robert Frost Prize

Since 2013, Clarion has published the poems of the poet winning the Robert Frost Foundation Poetry Award, a $1,000 prize given annually for a poem written in the spirit of Robert Frost. For more information, visit the Foundation's Facebook page at or contact the editors for more information.

Past winners:

  • 2018. "Cherries, After" by Jerome Gagnon
  • 2014. "Roadsiding Hay" by Franklin Zawacki
  • 2013. "November Guest" by Alfred Nicol
  • 2012. [No competition this year.]
  • 2011. "Constellation" by Sally Albiso
  • 2010. "The Great Disappointment" by Adam Tavel
  • 2009. "Crossing to Fox Island" by Gregory Loselle
  • 2008. "Double Wedding Ring" by Elizabeth Klise von Zerneck
  • 2007. "Henry Jones of Wales" by Barbara Adams
  • 2006. [poem] by Rob Smith
  • 2005. "The Effects of Light on a Woman's Body" by Susan Somers-Willett
  • 2004. "To do to Beans" by Megan Grumbling
  • 2003. "Aristaeus" by Ned Balbo
  • 2002. "Sheepdog Trials at Bleanau Feistenog" by Deborah Warren
  • 2001. "First Light" by Vivian Shipley
  • 2000. "Overheard" by Len Krisak
  • 1999. "Echolation" by Diane Thiel
  • 1997. "Visiting Frost's Grave" by Patricia Fargnoli
  • 1996. [poem] by Mark Sickman
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