Issue No. 20: 2017

Brian Helt
Ghosts in the Room

Amos Jasper Wright
Three Poems

Sassan Tabatabai
Reading Hieroglyphics

Mona Sheth
To My Mother on Her Birthday

Erica Verrillo
Presque Vu

Brian Flynn

Colin Dodds
Holidays in the Tower of Babel

Adam Valentine
Cleaning Music

Maria Gapotchenko
Two Poems

Hollie Dugas

J. Paul Ross
The Chorus of Furies

Robert Baylot
Field Amputation

Cameron Morse

Luke Otley
Abortion at Nineteen

After Clarion:
updates from past contributors

The 2017 Knott Poetry Prize,
judged by Cassandra Jones:
Winner: Marshall Pipkin
for Three Short Poems
Runner-up: Daryl Scroggins
for Spared

Chuck Maclean

Stanikos Jordan

Derek Swart
Anderson's Landing

Adam Valentine
Two Poems

Salena Deane
Explaining My Blackness to My Mother

Heather Martin
Three Poems

Steven Ray Smith
Like So

online-only reviews:
Kush Ganatra on Paradise at the Central Square Theater

Zachary Bos on Three Local Artists: Linda Hoffman, Sara Tabatabai, and Vivian Boyd

Critics' Notebook:
short takes on The Lion King on Broadway; visiting the Cloisters in NYC; the art of Whipped Cream at the Kasmin Gallery; a short story dispenser at the Copley Mall; and a reading by Ben Mazer.


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