No. 17: 2014

Letter from the editors

Daniel Hudon
Five Eulogies for Lost Species

Sabrina Ito
Jackson Square

BJ Best

Karen English

Jim Meirose
The Hod Carrier's Morning Break

Mason Hayes
The Loss

John Lambremont, Sr.
The Myth

Connor White
The Beatification of Cosmas

Anaïs Le Fay
The Collection

Natalie Lam
Persephone, February
On Skipping Chapel, Illinois

Lance Nizami
33 Lines

Exclusively online...
Alexandra Kaplan reviews
As You Like It at Theater Lab;
J.D. Bos, on a visit to
The Museum of Russian Icons;
"Wet Hot Algerian Summer,"
an SEO Burlesque by Cosme Fauroat

An interview by Meghan Kelly and Sarah Weiskittel with
The Poet Michael Longley

Winner of the 2014 Robert Frost Prize from the Frost Foundation:
Franklin Zawacki, for his poem
Roadsiding Hay

Seven Entries from The New Book of Imaginary Beings

Lucas Hunt
Villa Sciarra
Watching Horses

Ernest Hilbert
Ocean Swimming
Broad and Washington

Ethan Fogus
A Small Grave
A Visitation at Rosewood Hall

Jeffrey Zable
An Encounter with Gregory Corso
Murder Mystery

Jeffrey C. Alfier
Downriver, After the Stations of the Cross

Roger Hunt
Jean-Paul Dourjan

Jack Hanson
The Pleasure of Riding

Robert Morris and Greg Waldmann: on Books, New & Notable

After Clarion:
updates from past contributors

The Last Straw

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