CISS Graduate Affiliate Discusses Netflix’s Bridgerton and British Dress with BU Today

The final few episodes of season three of Netflix’s Bridgerton come out Thursday. The steamy romance series, based on the novels by Julia Quinn, gives viewers a look into the drama and intrigue of London’s elite during Britain’s visually iconic Regency era (1795–1837). Each season follows one of the eight Bridgerton siblings as they navigate high society in search of love.

The first part of season three was released last month. Over the span of four episodes, fans finally got to see the slow-burn romance between Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan), the token wallflower, and the third-eldest Bridgerton, Colin (Luke Newton), before it burst into flames.

When the show premiered in 2020, it shattered records and quickly became one of Netflix’s most popular shows. Viewers and critics applauded its elaborate costume and set design.

But this season, many fans noticed that the show felt more unrealistic. They complained about its gravity-defying hairstyles, gaudy fashion choices, and over-the-top sets. While the Regency era was definitely opulent, many felt these choices went too far.

For some insight into the show’s historical accuracy, BU Today spoke with BU PhD candidate Margot Rashba (GRS’27), an expert in British dress and fashion history.

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