Solar Atmosphere

Coronal Loop Image


How does the Sun control space weather?
How can we maximize the lead-time for forecasting?

Current Models:

  • Model boundary conditions based on solar observations (UCB, Stanford)
  • Global coronal models (SAIC)
  • Global solar wind models (U of Colorado/NOAA-SWPC)
  • Active region models (Stanford, UCB)
  • Solar energetic particle models (UCB)
  • Coronal transient (CME) models (SAIC)
  • CME propagation models (U of Colorado/NOAA-SWPC)
  • Solar energetic particle models (UCB)

Tasks include:

  • Determining boundary conditions for the models from solar observations.
  • Coupling active region and global coronal models.
  • Coupling coronal and solar wind models.
  • Coupling coronal and solar wind models with energetic particle models.
  • Joining magnetospheric modelers in coupling solar wind, energetic particle, and magnetospheric models.

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