CIMS Announces Fall 2023 Course Offerings

The CIMS program has just announced our course offerings for the upcoming Fall 2023 semester.

In addition to several returning courses, we are excited to announce a brand new course offering: “Inhuman Films: Genders, Animals, Machines.” “Inhuman Films” will be taught by Master Lecturer Dr. Sean Desilets, and will explore the intersection of feminist theory and cinematic representation, specifically the question of why films assign humanity to some figures and withhold it from others on the basis of gender, race, etc.

“Inhuman Cinema is an exploration of how movies can help us understand our bodies as multifaceted, hybrid, and volatile,” said Dr. Desilets of the course. “So some of the big questions we’ll address: What belongs inside and outside a body? How has the infusion of technology into our minute-by-minute experience changed our understanding of what our bodies are? Is the human body fundamentally different from the bodies of nonhuman animals? How have movies negotiated the relationships among humans, animals, and machines through concepts of race, gender, sexuality, and ability?”

All courses are now available on the Registration Planner on the new MyBU Student Portal, and students should talk with their Academic Advisors to find which courses are the right fit for them and their schedules. For more information about a specific course, visit the CIMS Courses page on our website or the Registration Planner.

More details about courses such as “Studies in Non-Cinematic Media” and “Special Topics in Cinema & Media Studies” will be announced later this semester.