Summer Camp

Camp programs usually do not accept children under the age of 4 and most programs begin their enrollment process in January and tend to fill quickly.You may wish to perform your own on-line search for summer camp programs in your area or to look through publications for camp advertisements, such as The Boston Parents Paper. Included below are some websites you may find useful in your search for a summer camp program:

American Camp Association

Boston University Resources – Camp Terrier

BU’s Department of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (PERD) runs Camp Terrier.  This camp program for children entering Kindergarten through 8th grade was established in order to help parents provide a quality vacation time for their children during the public school summer vacation break. For more information, including dates and rates for this camp program, please visit FitRec’s Camp Terrier page.

Contact Us

Family Resources can assist you in your summer camp program search. Please complete and submit the Referral Statement Form.  Someone from our office will then contact you to find our more information about your specific summer camp needs and to share with you how our office can assist you.