University Partnerships

Sargent College

Screenings through the Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Audiology/Hearing programs

Opportunities are provided for your child to participate in screenings at the Center which are conducted by students in undergraduate and graduate programs in Sargent College and overseen by Sargent College faculty. Many children enjoy the opportunities they have to play “special games” with engaging, child-oriented adults from their community. The results of the screenings are shared with you once they are complete, and if it is recommended that your child receive supports or services, we are happy to provide you with information and resources to help guide you in that process.

College of Fine Arts

Students and faculty in the College of Fine Arts (CFA) will come to the Center to share their love and knowledge of art and music with the children

Members of the CFA community come to play instruments, sing, dance, and do art projects with the children. Staff at CFA also share information with us about exhibits happening on campus that may be of interest to the children, and we take field trips to view the installations.

Wheelock Family Theater

Center families enjoy discounted and free tickets to Wheelock performances

Our partnership with the Wheelock Family Theater gives Center families the opportunity to attend shows at discounted rates or even for free, depending on the performance.  These experiences provide opportunities for our families to connect with each other outside of their time at the Center while enjoying wonderful performances with their children.

Dean of Students

Center families enjoy free tickets to children’s shows at the Agganis Arena

Thanks to the generosity of the Dean of Students, Center families have the opportunity to attend children’s performances at the Agganis Arena for free.  These shows provide more opportunities for our families to connect with each other outside of their time at the Center while enjoying special time with their children.

Student Groups and Assistant Teachers

BU students connect us with the broader University community

Our Assistant Teachers help to connect the Center with student groups who participate in activities that are of interest to the children. Students from the Organic Gardening Club have supported us with caring for our garden and a’ capella groups and dance troupes have come to perform for the children. Our Assistant Teachers bring so much to our program, both in the support and care they provide to the children and their unique backgrounds, life experiences, and interests.