Meiling Xu (Class of ’19)

Biochemical Characterization of a Multifunctional Mononuclear Nonheme Iron Enzyme (PtlD) in Neopentalenoketolactone Biosynthesis Pentalenolactone is a microbial sesquiterpenoid with antibiotic activity. Its biosynthetic pathway was elucidated by a combination of genetic and biochemical characterizations of all genes involved. For the related neopentalenoketolactone biosynthetic gene cluster from┬áStreptomyces avermitilis, an ╬▒-ketoglutarate-dependent mononuclear nonheme iron enzyme, PtlD, was […]

Meiling Xu (Class of ’19) and Melissa Quill (Class of ’19)

Mechanistic Studies of a Nonheme Iron Enzyme OvoA in Ovothiol Biosynthesis Using a Tyrosine Analogue, 2-Amino-3-(4-hydroxy-3-(methoxyl) phenyl) Propanoic Acid (MeOTyr) Ovothiols are thiol-histidines that play important roles in protecting cells against oxidative stresses. Because of challenges faced in their chemical synthesis, biosynthesis provides an alternative option. In ovothiol biosynthesis, a nonheme iron enzyme (OvoA) catalyzes […]