2022 Graduate Student Award Winners

The Graduate Program Committee has announced the winners of the 2022 Graduate Student Awards.


The Lichtin Award, for research excellence in Chemistry, goes to Feng Yang from the Porco Group, a young scientist who has already published several papers in the area of organic synthesis, and whose nominator refers to his tenacity and curiosity.

The Feldman Award recognizes contributions to not only research, but the educational and service missions of the department. This year, the award goes to Sheila Bonitatibus from the Elliott Group, a scholar who has published several papers, and whose nominator notes her incredible potential as a leader and mentor in science.

The Sugata Ray Award, for international students who excel in all aspects of graduate student life, is awarded to Ayan Majumder of the Straub Group, who has published multiple research papers, engaged in a series of exciting collaborations across the department, and has proven to be a model for citizenship in the department.

The Director’s Awards for Excellence go to Aiwen Wen from the Liu and Vegas Groups, Melissa Burrows from the Bravaya Group, and Jason Lenihan and Alexandra Millimaci from the Beeler Group.


Congratulations to our high-achieving graduate students.

From left to right: Ayan Majumder, Feng Yang, Sheila Bonitatibus, Aiwen Wen, and Melissa Burrows
From left to right: Alexandra Millimaci and Jason Lenihan