Grinstaff Group is Featured in BUToday Special Report

The interdisciplinary research of Prof. Mark Grinstaff and his group is featured in a BU Today, Special Report.  Prof. Grinstaff, who holds a joint appointment in the Departments of Chemistry (College of Arts and Sciences) and Biomedical Engineering (School of Engineering), leads a lab whose current students come from graduate programs in Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Pharmacology.

The article chapter titles capture its interdisciplinary theme:

  • Part 1:  From Grad Students to Groundbreakers, The Grinstaff Group Taps Several Disciplines to SOLVE MEDICAL PROBLEMS
  • Part 2:  Drug-Packed Nanoparticles KO MESOTHELIOMA, Targeted Method Beats Traditional Chemo
  • Part 3:  Hi Tech Mesh Delivers Chemo to Patients with Early-Stage LUNG CANCER, Slow Release of Drugs Along Incision Targets Remaining Tumor Cells
  • Part 4:  A Better Way to Find and Treat OSTEOARTHRITIS, Imaging Technology and Better Lubricants Could Slow the Rush to Joint Replacement

The Special Report was written by BU Today journalist, Leslie Friday, and first appeared on 02/03/2014.  To send Ms. Friday a message, please click here.