The Spiritual Writing Collective

This is a weekly workshop that invites participants to cultivate their spiritual sensibility through writing. Spirituality is understood as “life lived adverbially,” as Br. Larry Whitney, our host, sometimes articulates it. Members of the collective bring their responses to the prompt of the week to the workshop and share them with the other participants. The workshop is not only a classical writing workshop, in which we critique each other’s writing, but also a spiritual writing workshop in which we explore our spiritual lives together. Members will have the opportunity to publish polished pieces through various media, but are not required to do so. We also explore spiritual writing in a variety of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions at events throughout the year.

Membership in the collective requires an application following nomination by a Boston University faculty member. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for membership and will be sent a link to the application once their nomination has been received. Students are encouraged to solicit nominations from faculty.

Faculty Nomination Form