Policy on Taking an Additional 4 Credits During the Non-CGS Summer Semester

As of summer 2021, first-year CGS students are able to take one undergraduate Summer Term course free of charge in their non-CGS Summer Semester. They approved this policy because first year CGS students pay full tuition for their 14-credit 6-week CGS Summer Semester, while fall and spring tuition covers up to 18 credits of coursework in one semester. Since it is not pedagogically feasible to take an additional 4 credits of coursework in the compressed 6-week semester, students will now be allowed to enroll in up to 4 credits free of charge by registering for an undergraduate Summer Term course before or after the CGS Summer Semester. This means both the undergraduate Summer Term tuition charge and the $60 student services fee will be removed from the student’s account if the student is registered in the 14-credit CGS Summer Semester and then registers for up to 4 additional credits in the non-CGS Boston University Summer Term.


  • A student MUST complete the CGS Summer Semester to be eligible for the free-of-charge Boston University undergraduate Summer Term coursework in the non-CGS Summer Semester.
  • The part-time student services fee of $60 will only be removed if the student is registered in up to 4 credits of Boston University undergraduate Summer Term coursework.
  • If a student completes the 14-credit CGS Summer Semester and registers for more than 4 credits of undergraduate Summer Term course work, they will be charged applicable tuition and fees for the additional credits.
  • If a student completes the 14-credit CGS Summer Semester and takes less than 4 credits in the alternate summer semester, they will not incur a credit on their bill for the remaining credits.
  • If a student does not attend the 14-credit CGS program and registers for separate coursework at Boston University, they will be considered a regular summer term student and will be assessed all applicable tuition and fees at the prevailing rates for the coursework for which they registered.
  • A student who takes a leave of absence from the CGS Summer Semester is not eligible for the 4 free credits during either summer term.
  • The opportunity to enroll in up to 4 credits at no charge is only for the Summer Term of the student’s first year; the policy does not apply to fall or spring semesters or the student’s future summer terms.
  • The policy does not apply retroactively to courses taken before summer 2021.
  • Housing and other student fee charges are not reduced as part of this agreement.
  • External course work is not a part of this agreement.
  • Please see the Financial Assistance website for more detail about summer term financial assistance.