Pedagogy Fellow Opportunities

Many students find the transition between graduate school and full-time academic employment difficult. Some have very little, if any, teaching experience or may feel ill-equipped to handle the broad-based survey courses that most new faculty are hired to teach, which can make them less competitive in a very tight job market. The Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning (CITL) offers pedagogy fellow positions that give graduate and post-doctoral students much-needed teaching experience while they prepare or search for full-time jobs. CITL’s teachers-in-training work with experienced faculty to plan and teach discussion classes, labs, and lectures. They learn methods for clearly presenting difficult subjects, keeping students engaged, and managing the tricky balance of teaching, service, and research. If they have a shared research area, some might also work with professors on research projects. Modest stipends are available for teachers-in-training.

Apply for a Pedagogy Fellow Position

Students who are currently working on or have recently finished a graduate degree in the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences can apply to CITL for a pedagogy fellow position by sending a letter of inquiry and curriculum vitae by email to the Center’s director.