e-Portfolio Awards

During the two-year Boston University College of General Studies (CGS) program, CGS students record their learning journey on an e-Portfolio where they publish assignments, interdisciplinary reflections, self-assessments, and their final Capstone project.

CGS gives awards each year in recognition of outstanding student e-Portfolios. Faculty submit nominations, and student winners are chosen based on three criteria: completeness of the e-Portfolio; visual appeal, such as interesting and relevant art work, photography, and video; and personalization of the e-Portfolio. Up to four students receive awards– two sophomore students and two freshman students.

Award Recipients

2023 recipients: Sebastian Francis (CGS ’24, COM ’26), Mia Heim (CGS’ 24, SAR ’26), Kiana Arzani (CGS ’23, QST ’25), Elizabeth Hamel (CGS ’23, SAR ’25)

2019 recipients: Maria Sofia Zalaquett (CGS’19, CAS’21), Victoria Hiebert (CGS’19, Questrom’21), and Angie DiDomenica (CGS’19, COM’21)

2018 recipients: Eleftheria Horiatis (CGS’18, COM’20) and Fifer Horwitz (CGS’19)

2017 recipients: Lucy Schouweiler (CGS’17, CAS’19) and Barbara Zayas (CGS’17, CAS’19)

2016 recipients: Amanda Brancato (CGS’17, COM’19), Kylie Wilson (CGS’17, Questrom’19), Annie Umer (CGS’16, CAS’18), and Janiece Nelson (CGS’16, SHA’18)

2015 recipients: Hayley Denton (CGS’15, CAS’17), Jonathan Caflun (CGS’15, SHA’17), Annie Umer (CGS’16, CAS’18), and Regenie Tee (CGS’16, SAR’18)