CGS Lecturers Discuss Elections in the U.S. and Abroad

As early voting ramped up across the U.S. during a historic election season, the CGS Division of Social Sciences came together in collaboration with BU Votes, CGS World Affairs Forum, and Better Elections Now to examine voting mechanics in the U.S. versus Europe and urge young voters to make their voices heard by voting. The […]

Kooks and Degenerates on Ice

Tom Whalen, a CGS Associate Professor of Social Science, addressed an audience of 17 with his lecture, Kooks and Degenerates on Ice: Bobby Orr, the Big Bad Bruins, and the Stanley Cup Championship That Transformed Hockey, during BU’s Family and Friends Weekend on Oct. 17. Whalen’s lecture delved into the history of the 1970 Bruins […]

Unprecedented Times: Tom Whalen on the Fierce Urgency of the 2020 Election

With the news that President Donald J. Trump had just tested positive for Covid-19 having just broken earlier in the day, CGS Associate Professor of Social Sciences Thomas Whalen predicted that based on historical precedent, former Vice President Joe Biden would be elected President this November, while admitting that this election year is anything but […]

CGS students tackle big issues in social impact internships

Amid a global pandemic and a historic call for racial justice this summer, Boston University College of General Studies students spent their summers fighting for meaningful causes, from combatting climate change to getting out the vote. Here’s how four CGS sophomores spent their summer making a difference, while also gaining meaningful real-world job experience. Combatting […]

#My100Days: Build professional skills in a job or internship

Every year, CGS students share their gap semester experiences with us through the hashtag #My100Days. For many students, the gap semester is a chance to develop professional skills by interning or working. From internships at corporations and nonprofits to jobs in their hometown, here are some ways students learned on the job during their gap semester. […]

#My100Days: Focusing On Your Passions

Every year, CGS students share their gap semester experiences with us through the hashtag #My100Days. For many students, the gap semester is a chance to focus inward, whether that means pursuing a hobby, spending time with family and friends, or prioritizing self-improvement. From starting a blog to running a marathon, here are some of the ways […]

#My100Days: Traveling the World

Every year, CGS students share their gap semester experiences with us through the hashtag #My100Days. Many students choose to use the gap semester to travel the world through programs and internships or on their own. From backpacking through Europe to a road trip around the U.S. and Canada, here are some of the places the […]

Capping off CGS from around the world

Capstone has long been a rite of passage for CGS students, the culmination of their academic experience at CGS at the end of their sophomore year. But for this year’s class of sophomores, remote learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic presented a unique challenge to completing the project.

Seven Years of Impact: A Q&A with Megan Sullivan

On July 1, Megan Sullivan will step down from her role as Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development and Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning after seven years. In her time as Director and Associate Dean, Sullivan led CITL through a period of growth and development during which undergraduate research grants […]

Meet Your CGS Student Government

This spring, the College of General Studies Class of 2023 elected new officers to represent them in the CGS Student Government Association for the upcoming year. We caught up with your representatives to talk about their CGS experiences and their plans for sophomore year. Alan Chau, President Why did you want to run for CGS […]