The Chimaerid Publishes 2018 Edition of Literary Magazine

The CGS Art and Literary Magazine: The Chimaerid has published its 2018 edition with art, poetry, and prose by College of General Studies students.

The Chimaerid (K-EYE-MI-RID) showcases the many artistic talents of CGS students, including poetry, photography, artwork, and more. Published each spring, the magazine is titled after a group of fish known as the chimaeridae, which are named after a Greek mythological beast composed of parts from many animals. Given the variety of artistic talents of CGS students, the magazine emanates a similar essence.

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  • Left to right: Lauren Moghavem, Nicholas Mohler, Marie Klepacz, and Chimaerid editor Emma Bianculli

  • Art by Nicholas Mohler

  • Photo by Lauren Moghavem

The Chimaerid staff continued its annual tradition of awarding prizes for visual art and writing:

  • Best Artwork – Nicholas Mohler for “Dinner Party”
  • Best Photograph – Lauren Moghavem for “Her Sleepless Defense” 
  • Best Writing – Marie Klepacz for “A Blip is not an Explanation”

Printed copies of The Chimaerid were distributed in the spring semester and the edition is also available here: The Chimaerid. If you are interested in working on The Chimaerid, please contact faculty advisor Professor Regina Hansen (