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Billy Graham Center Archives

Largest collection of mission materials relating to nondenominational and faith missions in the US.

Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity
The BDCC is an electronic database containing the essential biographical facts of Chinese and foreign Christian missionaries, church leaders, evangelists, and laity chiefly responsible for laying the foundations and advancing the growth of Chinese Christian communities and their influence in societies around the world. While the database is widely inclusive of time periods and faith traditions, the distinctive focus of the project is on the lesser-known Chinese Christians of the modern era (1800 to 1950).

Dictionary of African Christian Biography
The Dictionary of African Christian Biography is a collaborative project, whereby the twenty centuries of Christian faith on the African continent are captured in the biographies of African Christians.  These stories are an attempt to recover the bishops, catechists, Bible women, martyrs, as well as all the other African believers who have been overlooked in traditional histories. The site functions in English, Portuguese, and French, and provides fascinating material on the history of Christianity in Africa.  Through these stories of individuals, one may enter into the long and diverse history of Christianity on the continent.

Global Mapping International
Resources and clearinghouse for evangelistic mission related to unreached peoples. Excellent maps and resources.

International Bulletin of Missionary Research
With in-depth analyses of worldwide Christianity and mission-focused book reviews, the International Bulletin of Missionary Research is a rich source of information on the world church in mission.  Online subscriptions and historical editions are now available for free.

The Internet Mission Photography Archive
A University of Southern California database of mission photographs from repositories in Britain, continental Europe, and North America with more than 2,000 photographs dating from the 19th century to World War II.

Online Archive of Korean Christianity
OAKC is a virtual archive of Korean Christianity, and a home away from home for scholars and students of Korean Christianity. It uses the English language for international readers, but also contains a wealth of Korean language sources.  The site provides primary sources of Korean Christianity, especially documents and images of Protestantism in early modern and colonial Korea. It also introduces contemporary scholarship on the history of Korean Christianity with book reviews, recent articles, and a bibliography.

Overseas Ministries Study Center
OMSC publishes the International Bulletin of Missionary Research, the leading mission journal in English. The journal is indexed at this site. There is also information on various seminars and workshops conducted at the center in New Haven, CT by international scholars and mission leaders.

Revitalization: The Center for the Study of World Christian Revitalization Movements
“Our mission is to launch a serious probe into the relationship between Christian revival and revitalization of faith communities and the larger cultures in which they are housed, drawing on our strengths in Wesleyan theology, world mission, pastoral theology, and a practical congregationally driven approach. We have a developed delivery system through our Scarecrow Press Series in Revitalization, our newsletter, and press releases. You are invited to participate in our online forums and our consultations that are coming to Asbury and other renewal centers.” Contains links to other related online resources.

Sociology of Missions Project
Contains a bibliography and abstracts of papers posted for works on missions from a sociological perspective.

Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology
Guide to internet resources for the teaching of theology and religions. Contains sections on missions and on history of Christianity.

World Missions Atlas Project (WorldMAP)
A project to “create maps of languages and people groups for each country of the world while linking appropriate missions related data. The status of each language and people group is evaluated with regards to the Jesus Film and Bible translation as well as their current level of exposure to the gospel message.”

Yale Divinity School Library
Search this site for the archives and mission books of the best North American library collection for Protestant missions.