Research on Tap: China and the World

  • All Day on Monday, February 27, 2023
China has the world’s largest population, the world’s second largest economy, and is the third largest country in size. China's Belt and Road Initiative is now also shaping trade and finance at the global level. Few nations have the same vast scale, global influence, and research potential. Given China’s prominence on the world stage, it is critical to go beyond the political and economic headlines to explore Chinese globalization more holistically. What do Chinese social structures, beliefs, and traditions teach us about the role of China in the world? How does Chinese society and culture shape the Chinese state’s reaction to critical issues? How do people in other countries perceive China and seek to manage the impacts of Chinese investment? What can we learn about China’s policy decisions if we bring together expertise from the humanities, social sciences, data sciences, and more? In this Research on Tap, we will convene extensive expertise at Boston University across different disciplines, including Eugenio Menegon (CAS) and Daryl Ireland (STH). BU faculty and researchers will make connections, expand BU's reservoir of knowledge on China, and help inform research and teaching on China at global and local dimensions.
Kilachand Center Colloquium Room (610 Comm Ave)

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