Grace May’s New Book “The Quest for Biblical Servant Leadership: Insights from the Global Church”

picture of the cover of a book showing the title, list of editors, and picture of a sunsetRev. Dr. Grace May’s new book “The Quest for Biblical Servant Leadership: Insights from the Global Church,” is out now and available on Amazon. The book is edited by Keumju Jewel Hyun (Editor), Grace Y May (Editor), Philomena Mwaura (Editor), and Julius Kithinji (Editor), with a Foreword from R Paul Stevens. The book’s abstract reads:

“Improve your service. While many claim to offer models of leadership suitable for contemporary society, this book goes a notch higher by doing so through the prism of Jesus’s servant leadership. As the servant-leader par excellence, Jesus not only taught but demonstrated service by stooping down and washing his disciples’ feet. This book distills the experience and wisdom of men and women who have practically benefited from Jesus’s leadership. Reflective of the global church, all the authors speak of a servant leadership inspired by love, honoring of God, humble in approach, and seeking the welfare of others without neglecting a healthy self-regard. Whether you work on-site or remotely, you will find the grist for robust leadership. This book is a must-read for theologians, businesspeople, educators, students, and Christian practitioners seeking to make a difference in our times.”

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