International Orthodox Theological Association – 2023 Call for Papers

The International Orthodox Theological Association is accepting paper proposals for their January 2023. This second mega-conference of the IOTA will take place in Volos, Greece on January 10-15, 2023. The format of the conference is in-person only (no papers will be delivered virtually or remotely).
Follow this link to the IOTA website where you can find further details and submit your paper proposal.
The IOTA Missiology Group will be accepting proposals for three panels:
1) Orthodoxy and Inculturation
2) Orthodox mission and diaspora
3) Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Discipleship and Spiritual Formation (held jointly with the Lausanne Orthodox Initiative)
The overall theme of the conference will include aspects of the Mission of the Orthodox Church and many of the IOTA Groups’ panel themes are connected with issues of mission and missiology.  Please review all the Groups’ Call for Papers before submitting your proposal.
Proposals must be submitted before April 15th, 2022.