Honoring Dr. M.L. Daneel’s Groundbreaking Work in Ecotheology

Dr. Harold Hunter, a leading Pentecostal scholar and ecumenist, has released this recording of Dr. M. L. Daneel’s speech at Brighton ’91. Hunter has added an introduction to help situate groundbreaking nature of the lecture.

Dr. M.L. Daneel Brighton '91

The conference at Brighton was the first major theological conference of Pentecostal scholars and thus significant in its own right.
The speech given by Dr. M.L. Daneel, Zimbabwean missiologist and co-founder of the Center of Global Christianity and Mission, became formative in Dr. Hunter’s move towards ecotheology and foundational in the inclusion of creation care and environmental justice in pentecostal theology.
To learn more about Dr. M.L. Daneel’s work and photography and to see it on display, visit the multimedia website Old & New in Shona Religion.

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