REMINDER: Call for Presentations ~ American Society of Missiology Annual Meeting 2022


The American Society of Missiology will meet June 17–June 19, 2022 at St. Mary’s College, South Bend, Indiana. The theme for this year’s annual conference is: The Ongoing Conversion of the Missionary. For a full statement of the conference theme and details about the hybrid format, please visit the ASM website. Registration for the annual meeting will open in February 2022. Please consider joining!
Call for Presentations

We know that conversion is central to the Gospels. Ongoing conversion is the lifelong process that takes place in the lives of those who live in a dynamic relationship with Christ and can affect the way the missionaries see themselves in carrying forward the coming of the kingdom of God. It is this relationship with the Lord that brings the kind of wisdom that has the potential to inspire transformative mission praxis.

Papers might address questions including (but not limited to):

  • What are the dynamics of spiritual growth and how can this affect those to whom missionaries have been sent to be on mission?
  • What helps the missionary to be sensitive to how the Holy Spirit is working in their life?
  • How can political bipartisanship lead to more sustained opportunities that call us to ongoing conversion?
  • What might be unexpected challenges to the integrity of persons facing issues of ongoing conversion?
  • How does utilizing Spiritual Direction aid a person’s growth who is dedicated to transformative mission and understands the nexus of ongoing conversion and mission?
  • How does the analysis of historical or sociological patterns of ongoing conversion in the lives of particular missionaries inform understanding their lives, work, and/or patterns of conversion?
  • What’s the difference between doing mission work and living ongoing conversion that leads to living as true missionary disciples of the Lord?
  • How does ongoing conversion encourage transformative mission?
  • What areas of missiological study with other disciplines might open up new avenues of research on the theme of missionary conversion?

We also welcome presentations that fit the theme less formally, but which engage mission studies more generally.
Proposal submission deadline is Sunday, January 30, 2022.

For presentation proposal questions, contact Ben Hartley (ASM 2ndVP;