Revisiting East Asia through Mission Collections

Conference Panel on Missionary Archives: register for the Zoom meeting at this link. The event will be recorded and will be posted online later as well. See attached abstracts.  

New England Regional Association for Asian Studies Meeting 

Monday December 6, 2021, 10:30-11:45AM US EST (16:30-17:45 Central European Time; 23:30-24:45 China time; 24:30-1:45AM, Japan/Korea) 
at Harvard University (on Zoom). 

Panel B1: “Revisiting East Asia through Mission Collections in New England”
(on resources at the BC Ricci Institute; Columbia University; Yale University; Harvard University; BU CHCD).

“Digital Frontiers: The China Historical Christian Database”
Alex Mayfield (Boston University)

“The Archival Collections on East Asia at the Yale Divinity Library”
Christopher Anderson (Yale University) 

“The Harvard-Yenching Missionary Collection”
Sharon Li-shiuan Yang (Harvard-Yenching Library) 

“The Ricci Institute: A Global Resource for the Interdisciplinary Study of Christianity in East Asia”
Mark Mir and M. Antoni Ucerler SJ (Boston College)

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