Prof. Roldan-Figueroa’s New Book on “The Martyrs of Japan”

cover of bookDr. Rady Roldan-Figueroa has a new book coming out with Brill in June 2021. Entitled The Martyrs of Japan: Publication History and Catholic Missions in the Spanish World: Spain, New Spain, and the Philippines, 1597-1700, the book not only discusses the various accounts of the Christian martyrs in Japan in the late 16th century, but also reveals what these accounts teach us about the history of book publication in the years following. The book is divided into two parts: “Spirituality of Writing, Publication History, and Japano-martyrology” and “Jesuits, Discalced Franciscans, and the Production of Japano-martyrology in the Early Modern Spanish World.” The work will be of interest to anyone working on the history of Japanese Christianity, the history of Catholic missions, or the history of publishing.

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