CAMTech: Global Cancer Innovation Hack-a-thon

February 27–28, 2016

Calling all clinicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, industry experts and end-users: CAMTech, Global Oncology and the MGH Cancer Center invite you to a Global Cancer Innovation Hack-a-thon to spur innovative medtech solutions for pressing challenges around oncology prevention, diagnostics and care. The event will serve as an open innovation platform to catalyze affordable medical technology, business models and process innovations to transform cancer prevention, diagnosis and care in resource-limited settings. Over a 48 hour period, teams—through cross-disciplinary collaboration, mentorship, time/resource constraints and award incentives—can accelerate ideas into breakthrough innovations that have the potential to shift the paradigm of care for cancer globally.

event details

CFTCC Prize Sponsorship

Three teams will receive one year of access to the Alpha Core facilities at the Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care (CFTCC), including access to prototyping equipment and the available resources of CFTCC. CFTCC focuses on the identification, prototyping and early clinical assessment of innovative point-of-care technologies for the treatment, screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of cancers.

Alpha Core Prize Winners

Fever Finders

Fever finder for sepsis identification in immunocompromised pediatric chemotherapy in-patients in low-middle income countries 

Smart Clot

Inexpensive point-of-care device to measure blood coagulability, enabling anticoagulation therapy for those who would otherwise get no treatment for blood clots. All types of cancer cause hyper-coagulability—a state in which blood clots are extremely common. Current devices that can measure clotting time cost upwards of $600 or require a patient to come into the clinic on a weekly basis, something they cannot afford. We are developing a impedance and viscosity coupled detection device that can be used by a patient at home (which will read out to a cell phone) to manage their medication. This device will enable them to get coagulation therapy, greatly reducing their risk of clotting. It will also send the user data to the clinician so they can monitor it over time.

Creative Cancer

This easy-to-use online platform for resource-limited global health settings connects clinicians to creative content, for example comic strips or videos, created by international and local artists. This content would be pre-vetted by medical and local community experts for scientific and cultural accuracy, and would be accessed by caregivers to explain complicated cancer concepts to patients in their local language and context. The end goal is to build patient trust, improve adherence to treatment, and ultimately, increase survival rates and outcomes.

Co-Sponsors and Support