Treasury Operations oversees the day to day management of the University’s working capital cash, preparing a daily forecast of cash receipts, disbursements and expected closing balances. These projections are carried forward on a daily basis, and used as a tool for ensuring that any excess cash balances are invested appropriately and/or any borrowing for operating needs is executed.

  • Relationships with Bank Service Providers: Treasury Operations maintains relationships with commercial banks that provide collection, cash concentration and disbursement services as well as other bank services including foreign exchange, card services, etc.
  • Payments: All payments by wire, ACH and foreign payments are initiated directly through Treasury Operations. Payments by check are handled by Accounts Payable.
  • Cash Management Advisory: Treasury Operations provides advice to all departments of the University with regard to questions related to establishing bank accounts, managing cash collections and disbursements, financing purchases, etc.



Please contact Bill Starkey for additional information at 617-358-5558.