Property Management reviews most orders over $5,000 to screen for moveable capital equipment.

Moveable Capital Equipment is defined as an article of non-expendable tangible property (e.g., automobile, centrifuge, microscope, projector, network server) that meets the following capitalization criteria.

  • Purchased item has a useful life of one year or greater.
  • Cost of the item is $5,000 or greater, including delivery and installation costs, and including the cost of attachments required to operate the item when those attachments are acquired as part of the original equipment purchase.
  • Boston University has title to, is the custodian of, or is held responsible to account for the item.

 Setting Up Orders of Moveable Capital Equipment

  • Purchase requisitions that meet the $5000 threshold either need to have the order itemized in the PR and need an attachment with a quote or an explanation of what is ordered.
  • Each item of a capital purchase (device, component, installation, delivery) needs to be a separate line item in the requisition.
  • If you have multiple pieces of capital equipment, all items (see a. above) must be included as separate line items with a quantity of 1. All equipment and their parts should be grouped (see example next page)
  • Quotes or product information documents must be attached or provided by the link.
  • If the order documents do not clearly state the type of equipment being ordered, provide a description of the equipment in the Comment section.
  • Use the GL code 510100 Non-capital Minor Equipment. The property will adjust capital equipment.
  • Provide a contact name or Principal Investigator in the Deliver To or Comment section.
  • If the delivery address is different than the equipment’s final location, add the address (including building and room number) of its final location in the Comment section.
  • Property Management may reach out with questions regarding the equipment and its performance location.
  • If your order is funded by a sponsored program, Sponsored Programs Post Award Financial Operations will be added as an approver for the requisition.