Department Administrator

Each department must designate a Department Property Administrator (DPA).

This individual facilitates the property management process by certifying the accountability of equipment and by maintaining records properly. Boston University must track each asset from when it arrives at BU until the time it leaves. The DPA and Property Management are partners in tracking and managing assets. By efficiently monitoring the use of equipment, departments maximize their budgets, while both faculty and staff can locate and utilize their equipment more readily.

The DPA must maintain copies of supporting documentation for all assets, stay in regular contact with the users of the equipment, and update departmental records promptly. Additionally, if excess equipment is discovered, the DPA must notify Property Management before it is disposed of, moved, or transferred. Environmental Health and Safety must also be contacted to assist in the disposal of any equipment containing hazardous materials.

To maximize the efficiency of the role within the department, a training session is required for all Department Property Administrators. Property Management offers periodic training sessions or training on an as-needed basis by calling (617) 353-8087 or submitting an inquiry to

Department Property Administrator Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of Department Property Administrators are:

  • To safeguard moveable capital equipment assigned to the department and ensure equipment is in proper use and maintenance.
    • Departments are fully liable for equipment within their custody and are responsible for all repair and maintenance costs.
  • To uphold compliance policies regarding moveable capital equipment set forth by Boston University and government agencies.
  • To ensure custodians, principle investigators, and users of moveable capital equipment titled to the federal government are aware of the rules and regulations governing the equipment.
  • To Maintain a requisition and packing slip for each item received.
  • To work with Property Management on any moveable capital equipment issues:
    • Report any acquisitions not processed through Ariba (PCard, Donations, Loans)
    • Follow up on returns or trade-ins
    • Report equipment that is ready to be tagged
    • Consult regarding discharged equipment, disposals, transfers, and movements of capital equipment
    • Participate and/or assist in physical inventories on an as-needed basis

Note: Boston University, the federal government, or other institutions hold title to equipment that is in the care of Boston University. Accountability for this equipment resides with the custodian or principal investigator assigned to the equipment.

How to look up capital Equipment in BU Works

Department Administrators can view capital equipment based on responsible cost centers.

  1. In BU Works, select the Reporting Tab


2. Under the Accounting (FI) tab, select Asset Accounting Distributed, then Moveable Capital Equipment Inventory


3. In the variable entry screen, input your cost center and

    • Click check to verify entry
    • Click OK to generate a report


4. In the report screen, you can view asset information as well as:

    • add Free Characteristics for more details
    • Print report
    • Export to Excel spreadsheet