Research Workshop Series

Graduate students and junior scholars often take on large research projects with few resources and under strict time constraints, which impacts the research design process and outcomes. While there are plenty of forums for sharing research results, there is a lack of spaces to discuss first steps, challenges facedalong the way, and how to recalibrate from obstacles. This series of workshops and conversations gives participants a chance to “peek behind the curtain” – to demystify and collaborate around parts of the methodological process that can sometimes feel messy, intimidating or uncharted.

Do you have an idea about a topic you would like to explore in a workshop? – Reach out to the workshop series leaders Marina Lazetic ( and Selma Hedlund (

Upcoming workshops:

  • Engaging Community Collaborators
    • Tuesday, April 23rd from 11am – 12pm
    • Register here
  • Public Writing
    • Tuesday, April 23rd from 1pm – 2pm
    • Register here

Past workshops:

  • Research Ethics and Design with the IRB
  • Lessons from Community Engaged Research