Voice Department Presents “Latin American Song Project”

Latin American Song Project

We are excited to share a semester-long project from Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Music Voice Department. Under the guidance and direction of Dr. David Guzman, Assistant Professor of Music in Voice, and along with collaboration from Lecturer in Music and Voice Department Chair Douglas Sumi, both undergraduate and graduate voice students present a collection of Latin American art songs.

“The twentieth century Latin-American art song repertoire is vastly unknown,” explains Dr. Guzman.

“That could be explained in different ways. One could argue that composers had difficulty spreading their music due to the lack of proper network channels in certain regions of South and Central America. Thus, non-existing printing companies or unsuccessful establishments left the composers with only one edition of their oeuvre. Beyond that, it could be argued that the rurality of South and Central America with a couple of big cultural centers as Mexico City and Buenos Aires in Argentina consuming western ‘classical’ music left the composers and performers without a market.

There is a wealth of forgotten Latin-American art songs. Printed music hidden in private collections and music libraries is waiting to be rediscovered. It is of vital importance that we as an academic community join efforts to research, curate, and program the Latin-American art song repertoire, to understand the musical idiosyncrasies of racial mixture throughout the Americas – keeping the sounds of our ancestors alive.”

We invite you to watch and listen to the Latin American Song Project. Full program and translations can be found here.

Boston University Voice Department: Latin American Song Project


Tara Palazuelos (CFA’21), mezzo-soprano
“¿Por qué?” by Maria Grever (18851951)

Sehjin Jo (CFA’24), baritone
“Qué bonita” by Maria Grever (18851951)

Justin Hong (CFA’24), tenor
“Canción que es el llanto en el mar” by Armando Lavalle (19241994)

Sarah Wang (CFA’23), soprano
“Botoncito” by Armando Lavalle (19241994)

Jessica Hetrick (CFA’21), soprano
“Dibujos sobre un puerto” by José Rolón (18761945)

Lena Costello (CFA’22), soprano
“Estrellita” by Manuel Ponce (18821948)


Amber Bates (CFA’24), soprano
“Cancioncilla” by Jaime Leon (19212015)

Grace Christensen (CFA’24), soprano
“La campesina” by Jaime Leon (19212015)


Delaney Finn (CFA’24), soprano
“Hilando el copo del viento” from Siete canciones Venezolanas by Juan Bautista Plaza (18981965)


Mirah Johnston (CFA’24), soprano
“Canto de esclavos Cuba 1870” by Eduardo Sánchez de Fuentes (18741944)

Renee Torio (CFA’24), soprano
“Vida” by Eduardo Sánchez de Fuentes (1874


Nadya Rachid (CFA’21), soprano
“Tu y yo” by Ángel Mislan (1862–1911)


Tatum Robertson (CFA’22), soprano
“Triste” from Cinco Canciones Populares Argentinas (Op.10) by Alberto Ginastera (1916–1983)

Lily Kutner (CFA’24), soprano
“En los surcos del amor” from Cuatro Canciones Argentinas by Carlos Guastavino (1912–2000)

Omar Rodriguez (CFA’21), baritone
“Pampamapa” from
Doce Canciones Populares by Carlos Guastavino (1912–2000)

Jeanette Lee (CFA’23), mezzo-soprano
“Caminito” (Op. 48) by Julian Aguirre (1868–1924)

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