Composition at BUTI

As a composer at BUTI, you will be guided by faculty and guest artists with a wide range of aesthetic perspectives to refine your technique, grow as an artist, and develop your own personal voice. The program offers individualized and class instruction in a supportive environment.

Electroacoustic Composition Workshop

June 20 – July 3, 2021 | Ages 14–20

The two-week online Electroacoustic Composition Workshop (ECWS) introduces you to the world of interactive electronic music through intensive classes, private lessons, and scheduled personal work time. Through listening and musical analysis, you will explore the philosophy, history, and compositional procedure behind various genres of electronic music. ECWS is directed by Justin Casinghino, BU Lecturer in Music.

Young Artists Composition Program

July 11 – 31, 2021 | Ages 14–19*

The three-week online Young Artists Composition Program (YACP) offers talented high school composers the unique opportunity to focus solely on exploring and refining their compositional skills. YACP is led by Martin Amlin, Senior Director and BU Professor of Music, and Justin Casinghino, Director and BU Lecturer in Music. *The Young Artists Composition Program is open to high school students who have not yet begun full-time college or conservatory study.

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