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There is no typical BUTI student. You’ll meet a kaleidoscope of people from all different places and backgrounds. But there’s one common thread that makes our community thrive: a love of music and a drive for excellence. Does this sound like you? Then you’re in the right place. Use the information below to apply for summer 2018.

Application Information

The Admissions Application is hosted by Acceptd. The application deadline is January 22, 2018. Late applications will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

One recommendation is required. The application will collect your recommender’s name and contact information and will solicit your recommendation from this person upon submission of your application.

If you would like to apply for scholarship, you may do so within the admissions application.

If you are also applying to a degree program at BU School of Music, you may opt to utilize your BU School of Music audition for BUTI admissions purposes. You must, however, still fill out the BUTI admissions application.

Your application is not complete until the $80 application fee is paid. If you’re a current BU affiliate (faculty, staff, or student), you qualify for a reduced application fee of $30 when applying for BUTI. After you’ve filled out your application and you’re ready to submit, contact us to get your reduced application fee.

For technical assistance or if you forget your user name and password, please contact the Acceptd support team from the login page of the online application. BUTI administration does not have access to user’s login information.

Audition Information

You may audition live or by video recording, and there is no preference given to either method. Both methods are accepted and reviewed equally by BUTI.

BUTI recommends unaccompanied auditions for instrumental auditions. If an instrumentalist chooses to use a pianist for their audition, however, they will not be penalized. Vocalists are required to audition with piano accompaniment. BUTI does not provide accompanists.

Harp and percussion applicants must audition with a recorded audition and should not schedule a live audition. Composition applications are required to submit scores to fulfill audition requirements.

You will be prompted to upload your audition video(s) directly to the application.

You will not be able to submit your application until your audition materials have been successfully uploaded.

Video recordings are strongly preferred to audio recordings.

You may choose to upload one continuous video, or separate video files.

    A member of the BUTI admissions staff will be present to record live auditions, which will then be shared with adjudication faculty at a later time. BUTI faculty are not present for live auditions. 

    You must submit your application before you can schedule a live audition. Please submit your application in plenty of time to schedule an audition at your preferred location.

    Click here for detailed instructions about live auditions, venue information and addresses, and what to expect on audition day.

    BUTI is holding live auditions at the following locations (subject to change):

    Seattle, WA: January 6, 2018

    * Portland, OR: January 7, 2018

    Boston, MA: January 13-14, 2018

    New York City, NY: January 14-15, 2018

    Los Angeles, CA: January 17, 2018

    Baltimore, MD: January 17, 2018

    Chicago, IL: January 19, 2018

    Fort Lauderdale, FL: January 20, 2018

    * Montgomery, AL (Blount Slawson Competition): January 27, 2018

    Atlanta, GA: January 28, 2018

    * Participants in the Blount-Slawson competition and/or Portland Youth Philharmonic Spring Soloists Competition may use their competition performance to fulfill certain BUTI audition requirements. If you are competing in one of these competitions, please contact the BUTI office for special instructions before starting your admissions application.

    2018 Repertoire Requirements

    Flute | Oboe | Clarinet | Bassoon | Saxophone

    French Horn | TrumpetTenor Trombone | Bass Trombone | Euphonium (Bass Clef) | Euphonium (Treble Clef) | Tuba

    Percussion | Harp | Strings | Voice | Piano | Composition & Electroacoustic Composition





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