School of Music Faculty Achievements

khKarin Hendricks, an Assistant Professor in the department of Music Education, was newly elected as the national secretary of the American String Teachers Association. Hendricks will serve as their national secretary for two years, beginning in May 2016.

Hendricks joined the Boston University faculty in 2015 and served previous appointments at Ball State University and the University of Illinois.


CFA Faculty H&S SessionKetty Nez, an Assistant Professor in the Composition and Theory department of the School of Music, recently performed a series of lecture-recitals with University of Iowa violin faculty member Katherine Wolfe. The lecture-recitals took place at University of Iowa on February 6, at Ball State University on March 19, and at Amherst College on March 25.

Professor Nez also took part in a symposium entitled “Why Prokofiev, Why Now?” at the University of California Berkeley on March 6. The symposium is part of a year long festival of Prokofiev.


mrProfessor Michael Reynolds’ non-profit organization, Classics for Kids Foundation, recently awarded 15 matching stringed instrument grants to string programs across the country that serve primarily disadvantaged and at-risk youth. The Classics for Kids Foundation has given matching grants for excellent student instruments valued at over $1,000,000 to hundreds of string programs and communities around America.

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