Penney Pinette


Costume Shop Manager


MFA Boston University
BA Mount Ida College


BU Theatre Costume Shop


Penney Pinette grew up in the untamed woods of Maine where she spent hours studying the shapes and colors in nature. Creating clothes for leading ladies, starlets, ingénues, and dancers yielded an understanding of how to make flattering forms functional. As a Boston-based designer focusing in dance and theatre, she enjoyed employment as a draper for Huntington Theatre Company, and also supervised the costume shop at Tufts University. In addition to designing, she teaches at Mount Ida College and Boston University where she recently graduated with an MFA in Costume Design. Some of her work has been with local puppeteer Bonnie Duncan of They Gotta Be Secret Agents, theater companies like New Repertory Theatre, and others in the local dance community, including Prometheus Dance, Contrapose Dance, Cary McKinley, and Fort Point Theater Productions. This year will be her fourth year designing costumes for the Boston Conservatory dance department.