Master of Arts in Art Education Online

The Boston University Online Master of Arts in Art Education degree program is designed for busy educators who love making and teaching art and who want to enhance their practice, advance their careers, and change their students’ lives through the power of artistic expression. Students are guided by master teachers with years of experience in the studio and classroom. The online program allows our students to receive the highest caliber education without leaving their families, jobs, and communities. Most students complete the online MA degree in 18–24 months.

At the center of our program is the belief that everyone, no matter their artistic ability, age, or economic status, is enriched by art and ought to have the opportunity to see and make it.

Though it is essential, art is not easy to teach. To unlock its power takes teachers who can utilize proven techniques informed by their own studio work. Our graduates revitalize their practice by learning to devise effective unit plans and master the latest techniques based on leading-edge theory and research. Their spoken and written communication is more focused and evidence-based. And because they know how and where to locate the latest research, our graduates stay current throughout their careers.

The program’s emphasis is on teaching but we haven’t forgotten that arts educators are artists. That may sound like a given but we take it seriously. That’s why we created Summer Studios where our students come to Boston for intensive, hands-on, process-oriented instruction within a supportive, intimate environment. At the conclusion of this optional component, students leave refreshed and inspired, their work invigorated. Online faculty and student colleagues become lifelong friends and contacts.

Join us. Let’s get started.