Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Music Education Online

CAGS: A New Alternative

The Boston University Music Education department is pleased to announce the online Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) in Music Education program, the first of its kind in the world.

Professional Development on Your Terms

Your experience in the classroom and advanced education has served you and your students well over the years. But keeping up with new technology, policy, emerging methods and the latest theory is tough, especially when it means commuting or even moving to a college campus far away from home. Since you already have a Master’s degree, advancing your career and compensation with a doctoral degree would be great, but that kind of commitment is just not possible for everyone.

Now, there is a new alternative – the online Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Music Education, a 32 credit program that will enhance your technological skills and revitalize your practice with new methods based on the latest theory — all without leaving your community or the job you love.

To enter the online CAGS program, students must hold a Master’s degree in Music Education or the equivalent (our Manager of Online Admissions can help you figure this out). Most students should be able to complete the CAGS in 18-24 months.

The CAGS is not a pathway to the online Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Education at Boston University; it is a terminal certificate from our institution.

A Firm Foundation With a Sharp Focus

Students will complete several online foundational courses in music education, which will cover historical, philosophical, psychological, and sociological aspects of the field. Students will then select their remaining online courses depending on which area(s) they wish to strengthen in their practice, including music technology, policy, or research. Students may select online courses that fall within a combination of areas.

Join us. Let’s get started.

We believe that having an online Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Music Education will be an outstanding credential for teachers seeking promotion and leadership opportunities in the field of music education.

–Professor Emeritus William G. McManus Ed.D