MFA students debut their work at NYC Gallery

Map: Work from Boston University and Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts MFA students

June 22-July 8
Opening Reception: June 22, 6-8 pm
1969 Gallery
103 Allen St., New York, NY

Didier William and Josephine Halvorson, artists, professors, and chairs of their respective MFA programs, have collaborated to present a selection of their students’ work from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Boston University School of Visual Arts. The exhibition, Map, comprises work across media by twenty-seven Masters of Fine Arts from the class of 2018. It will be on view at 1969 Gallery June 22-July 8, 2018, with an opening reception on Friday, June 22, 6-8 pm. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition, designed by Ika Chang.

From the curators:

“The fall of 2016 was a powerful historic moment for all of us. At that time, the artists in this exhibition had just begun the tenure of their graduate education. They chose to attend an MFA program precisely as the country turned away from the arts. Throughout the last two years, these artists have laid claim to the importance of making, dialogue, and community. They have bravely staked their positions within the wider cultural landscape, the ground of which has been increasingly unfixed and unstable, constructing their own expressive maps with which to navigate a path forward.

Mapping, both formally and metaphorically, loosely anchors the various practices represented in this exhibition. These artists effectively reconfigure the conventional body, claim ownership to unknown objects and spaces and ask us to reconsider movement, and force us to rethink our units for locating ourselves and measuring the world. Making spaces for themselves within art history, these artists expand the borders of materiality, genre, and personal narrative. Many of the works in this exhibition directly interrogate the limits of mapping and in this way they ask us to wonder: Who gets to carve the path? Who gets to the draw the border? Who gets to name the way forward?

Among others, the works of Nancy Cooke, Rachel DeLuca, Kathy Putnam, Matthew Sadler, and Katherine Volpe engage the map as a diagrammatic navigational space. Mapping returns as an objectified unit that is part of a whole in the works of Will Karlen, Amany Metawe, Ha Ninh Pham, and Natalie Schmitting. The map becomes a body, a permeable physical membrane in the works of Ika Chang, Alia Coleman, Claire Huber, Chelsea Nadler, Calvin Presley, and Ardis Tennyson-Loiselle.”

Featuring the work of:

Boston University
School of Visual Arts
Rachel Barron
Ika Chang
Alia E. Coleman
Arden Cone
Rachel DeLuca
Juliana Gamble
Marissa Graziano
William Karlen
Victoria V. Nunley
Matthew Sadler
Natalie Schmitting
Ardis Tennyson-Loiselle

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Nancy Cooke
Brad Davis
Stephanie Fenner
Ben Grzenia
Claire Huber
Candace Jensen
Rachel Means
Amany Metawe
Chelsea Nader
Jung Hung Park
Ha Ninh Pham
Calvin Pressley
Kathy Loev Putnam
Zach Van Horn
Katherine Volpe

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