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Programs: Music Education Online

Tawnya D. Smith

Tawnya Smith began serving at Boston University in 2014 as a dissertation advisor, online course facilitator, and full-time lecturer and won an Assistant Professor position in 2017. Previously, she served as an instructor in music education at Ball State University. She has taught music education research and curriculum courses as well as arts integration, creating […]

Dr. Katharine Stuffelbeam

Dr. Stuffelbeam’s research focuses on women’s music in West Africa, music and gender, the African diaspora, music and social justice, and medical ethnomusicology. Her dissertation entitled Women’s Voices, Women’s Songs: Dagbamba Music, Gender, and Culture, is currently being edited for future publication. Photography and articles have appeared in books and journals, including Worlds of Music, […]

Kinh T. Vu

Dr. Kinh T. Vu is an assistant professor of music at Boston University where he teaches music education and performance courses in general music methods, instrumental music, history, and philosophy. Focusing his teaching, learning, and research model on global citizenship and intercultural literacy, Kính’s pedagogy is community-based with partnerships emerging in Boston and around the […]

John Wriggle

John Wriggle (PhD Musicology, CUNY) is a composer, arranger, and trombonist in New York City, and has taught for the City University of New York, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Rutgers University, and Boston University. He has also worked as a music editor and researcher for Hollywood film productions (“Lord of the Rings” trilogy), music publishers […]