Creative Research

Welcome to our laboratory.

It isn’t lined with beakers. There are no white coats or microscopes. But, this is where we experiment, test, and discover. Research is at the core of Boston University, and the College of Fine Arts practices it every day.

At CFA, the big questions take many shapes and forms.

Arts|Lab is our research. From traditional centers of research to progressive, socially-minded community engagement programs, from interdisciplinary collaborations to cultural entrepreneurship and creative enterprise, Arts|Lab is designed to challenge the conventions of practice and test pathways for new approaches. Arts|Lab is where our students take what they’ve learned in the classroom, studio, or black box and explore it in the context of the world around them. We like to think of it as the creative process, plus.

Adding art to the equation.

Arts|Lab is diverse, non-linear, and unpredictable. It doesn’t happen in isolation. It welcomes outside factors and encourages new perspective. Arts|Lab thrives on connections (the pluses) with the Boston community, a broad range of disciplines within BU, and a growing list of professional partners.

Solving for more than x.

Arts|Lab is immersed in the process of creative thinking. This is where we seek solutions (preferably more than one!), and celebrate failures (because they’re a productive part of the journey). This is where our art is informed by the world we live in…and where the world we live in is changed by what we produce.

Art is the catalyst.

Artistic and academic scholarship and exploration is central to the mission of the College of Fine Arts. Arts|Lab is how the arts influence and thrive in an elite research university. Our work heightens the academic discourse at Boston University, but more than that, it fully and authentically engages in a dialogue about what it is to be creative in a new millennium.