Collaborative Piano Master Class with Roger Vignoles

Wee Kiat Chia, countertenor, and Nomin Samdan, piano, get advice from Roger Vignoles in New England Conservatory's Brown Hall. February 27, 2017.

Regina Morgan, soprano, and Hanna Song, piano, get advice from Roger Vignoles in New England Conservatory’s Brown Hall. February 27, 2017.

On February 27th and 28th 2017, Boston University was lucky enough to have the great British collaborative pianist Roger Vignoles visit and give a masterclass to a group of collaborative pianists from BU and New England Conservatory. The participants in the master class were as follows:

Wee Kiat Chia, countertenor

Mengxi You, soprano

Regina Morgan, soprano

Sarah Lennertz, soprano

Nomin Samdan, piano

Regan Siglin, piano

Hanna Song, piano

Na Li, piano


As you can see, students had a great time working with Roger Vignoles! We hope he can return to BU in the future.

Roger Vignoles is internationally recognised as one of the world’s most distinguished piano accompanists and musicians of today. He regularly partners the finest singers in major venues around the world and is regarded as a leading authority on the song repertoire. Originally inspired to pursue a career as a piano accompanist by the playing of Gerald Moore, he read Music at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and later joined the Royal Opera House as a repetiteur. He then completed his training with the renowned Viennese-born teacher Paul Hamburger.

We are very lucky to host fine musicians such as Roger Vignoles in master classes throughout the year. Read more about Vignoles and his amazing work here.


Mengxi You, soprano and Regan Siglin, piano, pose for a picture with Roger Vignoles in New England Conservatory Brown Hall. February 27, 2017.

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