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Teacher Appreciation Week feature: Hannah Berube, Online Music Ed Student

Hannah Berube, a K-2 general music teacher, recently finished work for her Master of Music in Music Education program. The courses of the program have helped her develop skills related to research, advocacy, and pedagogy. For her capstone project, Berube focused on anti-ableism in early childhood music education, realizing a lot of work needs to be done and that the arts are an important part of that work.

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Teacher Appreciation Week feature: Chris Lee-Rodriguez, Online Music Ed Student

Inspired at the age of 11 by the movie School of Rock, CFA online student Chris Lee-Rodriguez is a Traveling Conservatory Teacher in the Brookline School District and a Teaching Artist at the nonprofit organization, Zumik, teaching beginning and advanced ukulele orchestra and including folkloric and popular music from around the world in his teachings.

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BU Today feature: Suzuki Method: Respect and Repetition the Best Teachers

This article was originally published in BU Today on December 3, 2018. By Rich Barlow To the average person, Suzuki is a motorcycle. To Madeline Bucci, the word conveys an educational philosophy that could revolutionize how we educate the world’s youngest children. The Suzuki method, named for its developer, violinist Shinichi Suzuki, is an approach to learning […]