Boston University College of Fine Arts Welcomes Dona Nelson

Dona Nelson

Dona Nelson, "Okie Dokie," 2008. 83" x 79", dyed cheesecloth, acrylic paint, canvas.

Boston, MA – The School of Visual Arts at the College of Fine Arts (CFA) at Boston University is excited to welcome painter, Dona Nelson, as the second artist in this year’s Contemporary Perspectives Lecture series.

Contemporary Perspectives Lecture: Dona Nelson
Date: Thursday, October 18, 6:30pm
Location: Jacob Sleeper Auditorium (871 Commonwealth Ave.)
All Contemporary Perspectives Lectures are Free and Open to the Public

Dona Nelson takes experimentation to new heights, painting on the backs of canvases first and letting pigment bleed through to the front, making the finished product reversible. Over the past three decades her art has reflected an adventurously tough-minded approach to process and a vehement avoidance of anything conventionally ingratiating. Her work presents a solid challenge to the viewer, sometimes working in primary colors, she references works by other abstract artists, notably Pollack and Barnett Newman. Although some of her works appears raw, they stand fierce and demand the viewer look deep to reveal their inner expansiveness. Reviewer Holland Cotter in the New York Times has said that Ms. Nelson “messes around with form, throws performance into the mix and lets beauty fall where it may, which makes her art feel exciting and awake.”

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